6 Feb 2015

Our schools in Portugal

This month we are all about Portugal, and what could be better than learning Portuguese in its native land, where it first emerged. Portugal had one of Europe's longest empires leaving behind it more than 250 million Portuguese speakers. Portuguese is often in the shadow of Spanish or French in terms of second languages, however it is considered to be the fifth most spoken language in the world, and according to UNESCO is the fastest growing European language. So, whatever you do don't get left behind and read on to find out where you can start learning Portuguese.

Portuguese in Porto

Porto is the second largest city in the country with a warm climate and lots of things for students to do and see. Our partner school, Fast Forward, was founded in 1991 and is dedicated to teaching Portuguese as a foreign language to students aged 17+. The school is located on one of the city's main streets, near to tourist attractions, public transport and a 15 minute walk from the River Douro. It offers students 5 large classrooms, a reception area, a cafeteria and an IT suite with free WiFi. An activity and excursion programme is also available to make for a well rounded experience. 

Accommodation is offered with local host families, who host a maximum of 2 international students (always different nationalities to encourage speaking in Portuguese). Students have single rooms with breakfast included. Double rooms are available for students who are travelling together and half-board is available as an option for a supplementary fee. 

Course Options:
  • Intensive: 20 lessons per week (4 lessons per day), taking place every morning Monday to Friday.
  • Super-Intensive: 30 lessons per week (6 lessons per day), taking place every day (morning & afternoon) Monday to Friday. 

Portuguese in Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal and one of the oldest in Western Europe. The school is located in Alfornelos, near to Pontinha  and Benfica, close to the university. The school has 20 years experience and as such has established an effective and reliable teaching method. It is well connected to the city via public transport and offers students access to its IT suite with free internet. The school offers an activity and excursion programme to give students the full experience of Portugal as a complement to their language lessons. Classes are made up of a maximum of 8 students and are available for all levels and ages 18+.

Students are offered accommodation with local host families who live around 20 minutes from the school, giving students an extra opportunity to practise their Portuguese skills in real life situations. They offer either single or shared rooms with half-board included. 

Course Options:
  • Standard: 15 lessons per week (3 lessons per day)
  • Intensive: 25 lessons per week (standard programme + 2 supplementary lessons) 
  • Individual: 5-40 lessons per week (individual lessons can be added to the standard or intensive programme as a supplement to the group lessons). 

Other Portuguese courses

We also offer the following Portuguese courses:

Want more info about these courses? Contact us, we'd be happy to help!

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