28 Jan 2015

Students' Stories: Martin, in Florida for the holidays, celebrates his 5 months of studying abroad!

Hi everyone! 

Just a few days ago it was exactly 5 months since I arrived in Wisconsin, half of the school year. I am back at school and have changed subjects after the holidays when I had a great new year in Florida.  

I had the chance to go thanks to Lucas’ (a French exchange student) host family, who let me stay for 10 days. On the agenda there was: relaxing, fishing, swimming, the beach…the best! The weather was fantastic and I was grateful to have a bit of sun, because in the north it's very white.  

We had a few very cold days two or three weeks ago, but the winter isn't really that bad.

Since Christmas I haven’t done much, just the daily routine… It’s still going really well with my host family, they really made me feel like a part of the family and I truly feel at home! 

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