10 Dec 2014

Students' Stories: Noémie tells all about her last month in Antwerp

Hallo !!!!!

So here we are, December is already here and each week goes faster than the last! I only have five weeks left in Antwerp but I still remember my first day like it was yesterday! My experience is still just as great as in the beginning.

After having taken the CNaVT, a Dutch exam (which was actually quite hard!) which I hope I have passed, the month of November went very well! Still just as many outings, evenings with friends, laughing and unforgettable moments! Memories that will last forever!

Now that December has started it is already the time for ‘goodbye’ for some students – of course some leave earlier than others. The first few departures are hard to swallow, but after all it’s not really goodbye, more like ‘see you soon’!

The month of December is of course Christmas time and the streets are lit up by the Christmas market! I love this atmosphere and Antwerp is one of the most beautiful cities at this time of year! I just love this city!

I am nonetheless very excited to see my family soon for a couple of weeks! That’s everything so far!

Kussjessssss xx

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