6 Oct 2014

Students' stories: Cristina's stay in Normandy

Here at Easy Languages we love to hear back from our students once they have finished their language programme. This time we get to hear from Cristina who spent two weeks studying French in Normandy.

     1. Why did you choose to study French in Normandy?

I chose Normandy because after my language programme I left for my holidays in Spain. I travelled by car and Normandy was on the way towards Saint Nazaire, where I took the ferry to Gijón, in Spain.

      2. You stayed for two weeks. Did you find that this was enough time, or not enough? Why?
It is never enough I think. If I had had the time, I would have prefered to stay for one month. In my opinion, two weeks is a bit too short. 

      3. What did you think of the school? (lessons, teachers, facilities)

In general I was very satisfied with the teaching I received at the school. The lessons were very interactive, with discussions about current events in France. It also gave me the chance to learn more about the culture and improve my vocabulary. I had lessons with several different teachers and they were all very professional and motivated during lessons. The staff were very kind and always available to offer help and advice.

The school organized free activities every afternoon. There were film screenings, theatre outings, grammar workshops etc. I didn’t have the chance to attend all of the activities because I also visited some of the tourist sites but I thought that that was great.

      4. Did you improve your language skills?

Yes, I definitely improved. Additionally, I now read newspapers in French and take more of an interest in French culture than before.

     5. You stayed with a host family. Was this beneficial? 

Actually I stayed with a host mother. I was very happy because she was great. Very kind, friendly and she had a great sense of humour. I also shared the house with a Brazilian and a Swiss girl. This again gave me an opportunity to get to know different cultures, not just the French culture.

    6. What places would you recommend for those who, like you, are going to go to Rouen?

The city centre of Rouen is very beautiful and lively. It is definitely worth exploring. The cathedral is really impressive and during summer there is a fantastic light show. It also is not too far from Paris, you can really make the most of your language programme as you can get there easily by train.

In Normandy you can also visit the historic area of the battle of Normandy. Not far from here you will find a town called Etretat, with its beautiful cliffs. You should also visit Caen and the small village Honfleur.

     7. Do you have any funny stories to tell us?

I think my stay was a bit too short to have any really funny or strange stories. Although, I had a lot of fun when I went for a bike ride with the Brazilian girl that I lived with when we went back home after having spent all evening in the town centre.

    8.  What advice can you offer other students going on a language programme?

My advice is to go with an open mind and meet as many people as you can. It is much more than just a language programme. You have to let go and discover a new way of life. 

     9. What did you think of the services provided by Easy Languages?

I was very happy with the service. They were able to answer all of my questions and give me all of the information that I asked for. They were always very professional.

If  you, like Cristina, have just got back from a language programme, or if you are planning on booking one, then contact us! We would love to hear from you.

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