8 Jul 2014

Meet our newest recruits

Our team not only travels a lot and understands the importance of learning languages, we enjoy it as well! Want to know more?

You know that we are an international company and as such change frequently. This may seem sad as people come and go very easily. However, without this aspect of our company we would never meet new people from all over the world, gain experience and without doubt make friendships. After all what could be better than travelling wherever you want and not paying for accommodation!

Want to know more about the newest Easy Languages team members....read on.

Lucia Caira

What did/do you study? 
I studied marketing and communication in Brussels

What is your position?
Bookings manager for High school programmes in the USA and England....soon :) (She is currently doing her training period).

Which country and city are you from?
I am from Brussels, Belgium but I have Italian blood.

Lucia during her Australian travels

Why did you choose Easy Languages?
Because I wanted to work in the tourism sector. After my travels around Oceania, I decided to apply to Easy Languages because I wanted to share my experience with young students as it really is the best way to learn and experience a new language. 

Which languages can you speak?
French, English and Italian.

Which language would you still like to learn and why?
Spanish because it's a beautiful and international language

What would be your ideal holiday?
Travelling across Australia

What has been your best experience abroad?
My best experience abroad was when I went travelling around New Zealand, Australia and China. It was my best holiday ever. I met people from all around the world and got to discover lots of new cultures. The countries are so beautiful and the experience was unforgettable.

Raffaele Rizzo

What do/did you study?
I studied tourism and have training in tourism product sales.

What is your position?
I will be working with teenagers who want to spend a year in the USA on High School programmes

What country and city are you from?
I am half Italian, half Belgian. My father is from the south of Italy and my mother is from Brussels.

Raffaele during his time in Ecuador

Why did you choose Easy Languages?
I have experience with language holidays as I have been on some myself, which I enjoyed a lot. I think that speaking lots of different languages is very important, so its a great thing to be promoting these kinds of programmes. At the office I also get the opportunity to speak lots of different languages so that makes things interesting as well!

Which languages can you speak?
I can speak Italian, French, English and Spanish. I can understand some Dutch but not very well :)

Which language would you still like to learn and why?
I would like to learn Dutch as it is one of Belgium's official languages. In my opinion it is important to be able to speak all of a country's languages.

What would be your ideal holiday?
My favourite type of holidays are adventure holidays. I like visiting new, unfamiliar cities, explore new areas, try extreme sports, find amazing landscapes. Renting a motorbike, crossing the country and trying new food would be great :)

What has been our best experience abroad?
My best experience was when I went to Ecuador to learn Spanish and work on a volunteer programme. I spent three months there and was able to discover an incredible country. There are wonderful beaches, mountains (La cordillera de los Andes) and rainforest (Amazonia) all in the same country!! If people like sustainable tourism and want to take part in a project they should definitely go to Ecuador!!!!

Conclusion: travel often, no matter who with. All of us here at Easy Languages understand the importance of language learning in today's international world, but more importantly we love it and this is what we try and convey to our students. Contact us!

Original by: Blanca Díaz Blanco

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