8 May 2014

It's time for summer!

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the holidays. Easy Languages has a few ideas so you don’t get caught out this summer…


For the younger ones among us, the summer holidays are the best time of year. There are of course many school holidays, but the summer has something special about it: some return home, and others are lucky enough to go abroad, to the countryside, the beach or go camping... For many parents it’s a terrifying thought having the children at home everyday hearing “I’m bored!” 24/7. Parents, do not fret, Easy Languages has the answer.

Adults (myself included) spend most of the year thinking about summer, the beaches, the countryside…We no longer have to worry about what time we go to bed and we can forget about the word “alarm clock”. Obviously, we want to make the most of this moment and forget about any worries or stress. Well, luckily Easy Languages also has the answer for you. 

Bearing in mind that a lot of our schools are starting to fill up at certain dates during summer, so we wanted to offer you a few helpful tips for planning your summer holiday.  

Before you travel

Budget. This is probably the most important point, and the first to take into account. Remember that our programmes are adapted to suit all budgets.

Type of holiday. Relaxing, adventure, sporty, practical... you will find more information about each and every one of our courses on our website
Source: www.inntravel.co.uk

Home or Away. It is true that you can find some very good summer camps in the UK, but you cannot deny that going abroad and experiencing a new culture has a certain allure about it, not to mention the sun!

Duration. This is another important point and is directly linked to your budget. You should take into account the aim of your holiday and the practical aspects such as transfers, sightseeing and your ultimate goals, which will affect the duration of your stay.

Accommodation will also influence your budget, but above all you should think about whether you are looking to relax and have Independence or fully immerse yourself in the culture of your chosen destination.

Practical Details

Documents. Travel where you may but you must have a valid Passport or ID card, especially if you are travelling outside of Europe or by plane. You must also have health insurance, be it your EHIC card or other medical insurance.  

Organisation. Be sure to keep all documents such as plan or train tickets and cash in a safe place both during the journey and your stay. 

During your holidays

It may seem obvious but the holidays are there to enjoy and to make you forget about the stresses of the year. Children, teens and adults all need a change of scenery and remember that this is a time to have fun and do all of things that you normally cannot do. With that in mind, here is the most important piece of advice: Have fun!

Some of our programmes  


·   Summer camp in Madrid (5–18). All included (lessons, books & materials, accommodation, meals, supervision, activities, airport transfers) with the exception of flights. 2 weeks: €1,625
· Summer camp in Biarritz with surfing (14–18). All included (lessons, books & materials, accommodation, meals, supervision, activities, end of stay certificate) with the exception of flights. 2 weeks: €1,685
· Summer camp in Germany or Austria (8–17). All included (lessons, books & materials, accommodation, meals, supervision, activities, end of stay certificate) except flights. 2 weeks: €1,190


·  Spanish in Barcelona (16+). Includes lessons, course materials, accommodation & meals, does not include flights or transfers. 2 weeks: €760
·   French in Montpellier (16+). All included (lessons, course materials, accommodation, meals and end of stay certificate) except flights. 2 weeks: €805
·   German in Heidelberg (16+). Includes lessons and accommodation, does not include flights. 2 weeks: €675


Easy Languages offers so many options: culture, sports and hundreds of different ways to enjoy the summer holidays while seizing the opportunity to learn a new language. We will make sure that everything runs smoothly, but you first need to make sure that you have planned in advance. So contact us for some advice! 

Original by: Blanca Díaz Blanco

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