3 Apr 2014

Learn French in Montpellier

What better place is there to learn French. Montpellier has it all, the sun, sea, the Mediterranean culture and a great balance between the bustling atmosphere that larger cities offer, while still remaining a compact and safe city

French is, along with Spanish, one of the most widely taught languages in English schools. What most students probably overlook is that French is actually a rather widely spoken language. There is of course France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland but also Canada, Martinique, St Martin, Haiti, Senegal and Mali, among others. There are actually 74 million native French speakers worldwide.  If that wasn't enough The Telegraph ranked French as the second most useful language to learn in terms of employment - 49% of companies surveyed view French as useful for their organisations!

If you need more convincing here is what we have on offer in Montpellier:

French in Montpellier

This programme is available for students aged 16 and up (including adults of all ages!) The school has just opened a new centre, right next to the impressive Arc de Triomphe. This new centre is fitted with modern equipment, spacious classrooms and has a lot of character from the old stone walls and high ceilings. 

Students have the choice between residence accommodation or host families. The residence is a 10 minute walk from the school and the famous Place de la Comédie in the centre of Montpellier. The communal kitchen and lounge area are being renovated with all new furnishings and students have a single room with en-suite bathroom or if travelling as a pair they can request a double room. Host families offer the full immersion experience. Students have their own room and key allowing for a certain degree of independence.

Course options:
  • General French - 20 lessons per week including vocabulary enrichment, grammar structures and oral and written expression. 
  • Semi-Intensive French - 26 lessons per week. As the general programme but with additional lessons generally on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons dedicated to conversation/speaking skills.
  • Intensive French - 30 lessons per week. As the semi-intensive course but with additional themed lessons providing workshops and cultural aspects to the course.   

Summer Camp in Montpellier

Courses for juniors aged 11 to 16, combining French lessons with activities and excursions. The junior centre is located in central Montpellier within the pedestrianised area providing a safe and lively atmosphere. There are two accommodation options, host families and a residence for students aged 14+

The host families offer a complete immersion experience and students are usually in double rooms with other students staying with families nearby. The residence is just a short walk from the school and 24hr supervision is guaranteed as group leaders and supervisors also stay in the residence.  

On the programme:
  • 20 French lessons per week (45 minutes each)
  • Activities such as: city tour, beach games, sports, themed parties, discos, cinema, bowling and many others.
  • Excursions include: Nîmes, Avignon. Grotte des Demoiselles, La Camargue etc. 

School Groups in Montpellier

One of our newest programmes is organised closed group trips. In Montpellier, school groups will be in either one of the two centres, both located a 5/10 minute walk from Place de la Comédie. Ages can range from 11 to 17. Accommodation is with local host families in and around Montpellier, giving the students that extra chance to speak French. 

This programme is highly flexible and can be adapted to your students needs and abilities. A typical programme involves: 
  • 20 French lessons per week
  • Various activities and/or excursions either arranged by the school or the group leader. Examples include: Beach activities and sports, city tours, French & cookery, cinema, bowling etc or free time spent with the group and group leaders organising their own activities. 

If you are interested in any of the above courses, or any others, do not hesitate to contact us!

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