1 Apr 2014

Easter holidays in Bournemouth!

It is often thought that the holidays are times that are scarcely put to good use, well this is not the case if you have used our Easter holidays offer!

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In Belgium, as well as in France and other neighbouring countries, the Easter holidays are two weeks long, during which time there are lots of opportunities for parents to send their children abroad to study a language instead of lazing around the house. But what your parents don’t know is that in Bournemouth it is not all about learning, especially with the Easy Languages group leaders around ;)

If you have booked on one of our courses or not, we are all thinking about how to spend our holidays (particularly the summer ones!), so today here is some help to get you organized... 

We’re going to Bournemouth!

You may  already know, or if not I’m telling you now, that Bournemouth is on the south coast of England and one of our top destinations. So much so that we organise group coach travel there (from Brussels or Lille). In any case, our Freestyleprogramme offers students the chance to go to lessons, choose the type of accommodation that they prefer (residence or host family), practise the language during activities organized by English speaking group leaders and enjoy free time while continuing to practise the language, visiting the city and making friends.

When planning a trip you have to take a lot of things into account….

Some of our group leaders last summer

Before you travel

You must remember that although you are travelling to Great Britain, which is part of the EU, it is not a part of the Schengen Zone, which means that you must travel with your Passport or ID card. Minors, if travelling alone (which will be the case if travelling with Easy Languages), will also need a passport, they can only travel with an ID card with written consent from a parent or legal guardian obtained at the local commissariat or police station.  

In terms of health and safety, the European health insurance card is sufficient, and to put parents’ minds at ease, Easy Languages offers its own insurance, Chapka Assurance. Contact us if you need more information. 

You know that we offer group travel for these particular programmes (see other options on our website for school groups), however you should not forget to check if you need a transfer service on arrival. 

Don’t forget to check the weather forecast for the time that you are there. We are talking about England after all, you can experience all four seasons in one day. Because of this do not forget to pack comfortable and waterproof clothing… and towels

During your stay

Whether you are going to stay with a host family or in a residence, you should be aware that other cultures will have different customs to your own. Keep an open and respectful mind and you will enjoy your stay a lot more.

It is only a couple of weeks and yes, we know that you like to relax during the holidays, but that doesn't mean you should be lazy, remember that lessons start at 9 o’clock in the morning. Although on your first day you will have to be there slightly early for the level evaluation. You can relax, the group leaders will remind you the day before.  

Moving our attention towards the group leaders, they are there to help you, but we are going to learn and practise English! The group leaders will try and make every activity different and fun, but you must understand that weather conditions have a big influence. Please don’t get annoyed with them if there is a change at the last minute and you cannot do the activity you wanted to.  

Last, but not least, remember that the aim of your stay is to practise English. Don’t get embarrassed! We are all there to help you if you have any doubts. 

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Practical Information
·                     Adapters!! Remember that England has different plug sockets than other European countries. If you do forget them, you can always find somewhere in Bournemouth to buy one. 
·                     Passport photos. You will need them to complete your school file. 
·                     Pounds. There are of course currency Exchange bureaus, but it is better if you bring pounds with you from home. The exchange rate will be a lot better than in Bournemouth because it is a tourist city and people know how to capitalize on this.  

In short, have fun, enjoy the holidays and learn in a fun and friendly atmosphere!

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