25 Feb 2014

Total Immersion in Paris

It's nearly the end of February and soon we will have a new destination of the month but here's one last post about Paris. Hear about one of our students' time in the French capital and what he thought of his time there. 

Why did you choose to take French lessons in Paris?

Because I wanted to experience the culture and the day-to-day way of life in the capital of France. 

How long did you stay there? Did you feel that this was enough time?

I spent 1 week in Paris and it was definitely enough time - I improved a lot!

What did you think of the lessons/teacher?

The lessons were intense and aimed at my weak areas. They were effectively tailored to my needs which was great. 

Do you feel that this course helped you improve your language skills?

Yes, it most definitely did!

What was it like staying with a French host family? Was it beneficial?

Yes, having to speak French 24/7 was the best aspect of the course in my opinion. 

Do you have any advise for other students going abroad?

Make sure you fully immerse yourself and avoid speaking in English wherever possible. 

What did you think of the services that Easy Languages provided?

 They were brilliant, I felt very welcome and at home. 

Et voilĂ ! If you are looking to start learning French, look no further, do what Oliver did and sign up for one of our French courses!

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