20 Feb 2014

Les faux amis

As Paris is our destination of the month and the home of the French language as we know it today, here are some words to look out for if you don't want to leave a wave of confused Parisians behind you...the infamous faux amis.

If you have ever had a French lesson at school, your teacher will have surely told you thousands of times to learn these words. Les faux amis (false friends) are foreign words that have a deceptive resemblance to words in one's own language.  

Actuellement - At the present time, not actually

Affluence - Crowd, not affluence

Assister à - To attend, not to assist

Crier - To shout, not to cry

Décevoir - To disappoint, not deceive

Disposer - To arrange, not dispose

Engagé - Committed, not engaged

Éventuellement - Possibly, not eventually

Gentil - Kind/nice, not gentle

Journal -  Newspaper, not a journal

Noise - Quarrel or trouble, not noise

Sensible - Sensitive, not sensible 

Sale - Dirty, not sale.  

This is just a short list of the common false friends but if you want to familiarise yourself with more of these tricky words take one of our French courses

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