12 Feb 2014

Bilingualism...A new trend?

Hollywood and its glamorous residents have long been the source of many fads and trends over the recent years. From Atkins, flash mobs, over-sized sunglasses and the iPod to Dubstep, Angry Birds and Gangham Style (to name just a few!)

However it looks like a new trend is emerging in Tinseltown....and it doesn't involve pets in handbags or crazy baby names!

It's bilingualism. Yes our beautiful Hollywood friends are out to prove that they are more than just a bunch of pretty faces, they have the brains to match.   

Here are 10 celebrities leading the way in this new fad.

1: Mila Kunis - Russian.

Mila moved to the US at 7yrs old
and grew up bilingual.

2: Sandra Bullock - German

Sandra's mother was a German
opera singer.

3: Gwyneth Paltrow - Spanish.

Gwyneth spent a year in Spain
as an exchange student.

4: Natalie Portman - Hebrew.

Natalie was born in Israel. She also
speaks: French, Japanese, German
& Arabic!

5: Bradley Cooper - French.

Bradley spent 6 months in

6: Colin Firth - Italian.

Colin started learning Italian
when he started dating his
Italian wife.

7: Charlize Theron - Afrikaans.

A native of South Africa,
Afrikaans is actually her
first language. 

8: Shakira - Many languages!

Shakira's native language is Spanish,
she is fluent in English & Portuguese.
She also speaks: French, Catalan
& Arabic!

9: Kim Cattrall - German.

Kim used to live in Frankfurt with
her husband in the 80's.

10: Johnny Depp - French.

Johnny used to live in France
with Vanessa Paradis.

There are of course others such as Ben Affleck (Spanish), Jodie Foster (French), Zoe Saldana (Spanish), Diane Kruger (German) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (French).

There you have it, bilingualism is officially great and on-trend, so what are you waiting for? Follow suit and start learning a language - its easy!

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  1. Haha! Shakira: many languages!!!
    You will be an expert if you can understand her spanish when she sing!!
    hahaha! Well done! Nice blog!